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A sorted story of intrigue and international espionage... Seriously

To really describe SAPro is to really describe myself.  My name is Dexter Oddwick and I have collected stamps twice in my life.  When I was a child, my grandfather gave me his collection and I was truly fascinated with the stamps.  My two favorites were a seten pair of the gemini twins and a plate block of project mercury.  In fact it was these two stamps that have shaped a great portion of my life.  A love of stamp collecting, particularly of stamps that are connected (that is why I collect full sheets) and a love of space and technology.

When I say that I have collected stamps twice, I went through a period in life where I grew up and left all things childish behind.  I gave away and sold my collection in pursuit of things more responsible.  This is a decision that I seriously regret.  My collection had no real monetary value, aside from two of the Graf Zeps and a Baby Zep cover, but it was more about the sentimental value of my collection.  It wasn't until lately that I realized how personal one's stamp collection is.  I have at least a half dozen sets of the presidential mini mint sheets, but none can seem to replace the one I bought with my summer work money at the Philatelic Center in Washington D.C.  But as I have gotten older, I have regressed.  I find that the things I enjoyed as a child, I also enjoy as an adult.  On a whim one day, I sent off for a Mystic Stamp catalogue and began collecting again. 

The vision of SAPro has been around since I was a child.  I could not afford stamp album updates, and the album I had was simple binder with generic pages.  My cousins also collected stamps and we sat down and tried to make pages on an old Texas Instruments TI-99 4a.  I even tried to write a program in TI-Extended Basic that would generate rows and columns for stamps.  When I got the first version of SAPro working, I called her and told her of my success.  She had long since stopped collecting, but was still amazed that after all these years I was still trying to write a program for generating album pages (and succeeded!).

So here it is: Stamp Album Professional.  My dream, my vision.

Please enjoy it!



Resource List

This is a list of some resources that I find useful in stamp collecting.